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Outsourcing your development team to India? Here is what you need to know before choosing which city you chose from.

In today’s fast-paced business world, making informed decisions about hiring locations is crucial for companies, and this does apply very well when choosing your offshore development city. This blog sheds light on the current situation regarding Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Delhi NCR and provides insights into the IT job market in those regions. By examining factors such as language barriers, educational institutions, and job opportunities, we aim to help you navigate the complexities of choosing the right hiring destination.


Unveiling the Reality: Challenges in Hyderabad:

Due to its historical prominence in the software industry, Hyderabad has been a popular choice for companies. However, recent incidents, such as the prevalence of fake candidates and proxy interviews, have raised concerns about the reliability of the hiring process. Background checks and comprehensive screening procedures become essential to mitigate risks and ensure quality hires. It is advised to exercise caution when considering Hyderabad as a hiring location.


The Importance of Location: Bangalore as a Viable Alternative:

For companies seeking rapid expansion and a vast pool of data analytics professionals, Bangalore emerges as a more favorable option. With its strong presence in the IT sector, Bangalore offers both quantity and quality regarding talent acquisition. While attrition rates are significantly higher, the city’s vibrant ecosystem compensates for this by providing a robust talent pipeline and numerous growth opportunities.


Beyond the Headquarter Bias: Hyderabad’s & Bangalore Case:

In evaluating the suitability of a location, it is essential to consider the influence of a company’s headquarters. While SFO, London, or Bangalore may exhibit strong connections between the headquarters and local talent, Hyderabad deviates from this norm. Like Belfast, Ireland, where Google’s headquarters are situated, but the talent pool still needs to be expanded, Hyderabad does not offer abundant Flutter resources. For European-based Flutter talent, London stands out as a primary hub.


Evolving Dynamics: Education and Language Factors:

The landscape of higher education plays a significant role in attracting and nurturing talent. Comparing the top 100 universities in India, Hyderabad needs to catch up in representation, with only a handful of institutions making the list. In contrast, Delhi NCR boasts a more robust presence, with a higher number of universities and colleges ranked among the top in the country. Moreover, the language barrier in Hyderabad, where Telugu is predominantly spoken, complicates paperwork and governmental processes.


Job Market: Delhi NCR:

Examining the job market all over India, Delhi NCR emerges as the dominant force, offering nearly double the number of opportunities compared to Hyderabad or Bangalore. With prominent companies like Natwest, Everest Group, Tech Mahindra, Accenture, and thousands more actively hiring in Delhi NCR, the region’s population density and number of hotels further bolsters its appeal. Its appeal is further boosted by less travel time from London, SFO, and other big cities. The number of direct flights from each of these cities is many times more.    


While Hyderabad & Bangalore is historically significant in the software industry, companies must know their current challenges and limitations. Considering factors such as language barriers, educational institutions, and job opportunities, alternative locations like Delhi NCR offer more favorable options for rapid growth and access to a diverse talent pool. Making informed decisions regarding hiring destinations ensures that companies can strategically position themselves for success in the competitive IT landscape.

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