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What we offer


Software Development

Whether it’s a simple website or a sophisticated IoT system, if you have a legacy in your code or work in R&D with the latest technologies, we will build you the perfect development team.

Engineering and Automation

Do you need software engineering, electrical design, and electrical engineering experts? We can scale your organization with true experts helping you to reach your goals.

AI, BI and Data Science

Set up a team with unique expertise. Whether you need one genius with a PhD in the concrete industry to set up the whole architecture, or a whole team of them, we can help.

QA and Testing

Let us create a dedicated QA team for full-time engagement or on an as-needed basis. Our seasoned experts will support your entire QA cycle up to your specific needs.

Cloud and DevOps

Our team can build your software infrastructures and process big data in the cloud. Top software architects and IT gurus who will become an integral part of your team.

24/7 Operations

Allow us to create the perfect Support team for you, covering all operational issues for your products, applications, and infrastructure while meeting all your standards and requirements.

Software Development

∎Application Developers
∎ Mobile Developers
∎Cloud Developers
∎Front End – HTML, CSS, JavaScript
∎Back End – Java, Python, PHP, Ruby
∎Machine Learning


∎Cloud Infrastructure & DevOps
∎Security Engineers/Architects
∎Systems/Network Engineers
∎Network Operations Centre
∎Desktop Support
∎Help Desk

Creative & Digital

∎ Web Design & Development
∎ App Design & Development
∎ UX/UI Design & Development
∎Product Design
∎Graphic & Visual Design

Quality Assurance

∎QA Analysts
∎Software Quality Engineers
∎User Acceptance Testers (UAT)
∎Performance Testers & Engineers
∎Automation Testers
∎Over The Top (OTT)/Set-Top Box Testers

Data Management

∎Business Intelligence
∎Big Data
∎Database Developers
∎Data Analysts
∎Data Science
∎Data Extraction & ETL

Business Operations

∎ Project Managers
∎ Business Analysts
∎Program/Product Managers ∎ IT
∎Trainers CRM & ERP


Advanced software solutions that take Construction into the Digital Era.


Meet the demands of modern customers in speed and security with scalable financial technology.


Patient-friendly software that empowers healthcare industry workers.

Travel & Hospitality

Extend the comfort of your resort with practical software solutions.

Retail & ECommerce

Engaging and exciting software solutions for modern retail.


Use all the latest tech available to make your logistics run like clockwork.

Your Dedicated Team.
Your Way.

We help you build your dream team your way, at your own pace, and with our full support. We set up a team of highly experienced professionals to augment your Onshore team so you can focus on strategic thinking, reducing costs, scaling your operations, and getting ahead of the competition. You are always in total control of your Indian operations.

The Most Transparent IT Offshoring Company in the U.K.

Our core competence is to find, attract, develop, and retain top-level professionals who match your specific needs. This includes the specific skills, experience level, profile, style, and culture fit you’re looking for. Additionally, we provide all necessary support and infrastructure: networking, VoIP, dedicated facilities, HR support, Finance support, trainings, and other services as needed.

Why You Should Hire Dedicated Indian Developers through OnlyGeniuses

Swift Staffing

We are among the fastest dedicated team service providers in India, with regional hiring expertise. We can include any specialist from any coding field in your team to spearhead innovation around your new software product.

A Tailored Client Approach

Our decades of experience with multiple technologies and business domains let us take a customized approach to every client’s projects, paying attention to their intricate needs and requirements before forging a sustainable partnership that swiftly adapts to your business goals and vision.

Ongoing, Real-Time Collaboration

At OnlyGeniuses, we pride our services on the culture of accountability and absolute transparency through real-time collaboration. You always have real time access to your resources in India and have 100% control over them.

Turnkey Services

Let us provide you with the difficult to find skilled resources in the U.K. here in India and help you grow your business without worrying about technology hiring. Even better, we also provide the following services:
• CTOs from Offshore
• Sales Hiring
• Finance and Legal support
• 24x7 Technical Support Engineers

High Retention Rates

OnlyGeniuses’ city centre office with all the amenities, HR-friendly policies and lively grean atmosphere are dedicated to enhancing your teams’ well-being. This has increased our retention rate by up to 96%. You can count on us for setting up a team that compliments long-term collaboration around the year.

Local Entity & Different Collaboration Options

Start quickly by leveraging our decade old legal entity in India that lets us guarantee compliance with the local tax policy, and law, and provide locally common social benefits for your team. When you feel the time is right for you then we will setup your own entity and move over all your resources in it.

We extend your enterprise

Grow your teams beyond borders.
Experience remarkable retention.

You would love your unique customer journey

Best Talent Match

Hire only if the resource matches your skills, language and company culture requirements. Retain only if you are getting outstanding value.

Transparent pricing model

100% Fixed, 100% Simple, 100% Honest. Our unique pricing model has evolved over decades and passes outstanding value to our clients.

A Level above

We only cherry-pick Talent with the highest levels of integrity, professionalism, and communication to work dedicatedly for you.

Not locked-in

No volume requirements. No exit fees. Start as large or small as you’d like, and scale up or down your team as you go.

You call all the shots

We follow your preferences – from tools, policies, processes and methodologies all the way up to company culture and style.

Team harmony and stability

We have one of the highest employee retention rates in the industry. The secret is simple - we find people who love what they do and support them.

Building a Dedicated Development Team in India

High level engagement process:

On-site Kickoff meeting to collect client’s requirements and tech recruitment consultancy if necessary
Research, Hassle less CVs gathering, and interviewing candidates on personal, technical skills, as well as position presentation
Technical interview, followed by a test task (optional) and final interview
Client Interview and approval on costing
Offer client presentation to the selected candidate
Contract signing
Onboarding and utter support along the way


India has lot of advantages against its offshoring competitors.
- More aligned to On-shore processes. Majority of Indian developers have vast experience in working with international clients and are fully aware of their culture and the way work is carried out on-site.
- The scale. The availability of amazing developers. India produces hundreds of thousands highly skilled developers every year. Whether you want to build a team of 2 or 200. You can build it most rapidly in India
- Indian culture facilitates mentorship. Millions of existing developers create an eco-system which nurture new developers to ramp up quickly and become experts in no time. This also keeps the overall team’s cost down
- UK Time zone. High majority of developers like to work from afternoon to evening. That’s UK business hours when you live in India. So your developers start earlier and work easily beyond 6pm UK time.
- Online eVisas and so many daily direct flights from London and other big cities. World class hospitality in hundreds of 5-star hotels while you are here.
Recruitment of the ideal candidates can take between 1 to 4 weeks. Depending on how fast you can process the interview. Our experienced recruiters tap on the developers who have already resigned and serving notice period to quickly fulfil your requirements.
In the context of software engineering, it is often referred to as dedicated development or software team extension. Staff augmentation is a service in which you augment your existing team through an outsourcing provider. The developers from the outsourcing company (such as Only Geniuses) work closely with your own teams, as a seamless extension of your internal resources. You have total control over those people as much as you would have on your own employees.
Far from it. Our offices are equal to or better than most of the offices in the U.K. The City centre location which is very convenient to reach, more than enough space for each resource. Amazingly green office space maintained 24x7, Games Area, Regular fun activities, Regular parties and weekend getaways. Unlike most of our competitors, We don’t outsource any of our offerings. We own and are proudly accountable for all our services offerings.
- Finding top 1% talent for all major IT technologies
- Employing 95% experts with 3+ years of experience
- Ensuring team stability: 3-5% employee turnover rate
- 100% transparency on all operational costs including salaries.
Absolutely, We only bring on board the person whom you liked in your interview and you always have full visibility of the salaries and bonuses they are paid.
Fixed Price Model. Which includes everything including GBP-INR rate variance. All charges are agreed well in advance, and you don’t pay a pound extra anytime during our association.
There is no minimum locking period.
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