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Best model from UK clients to set-up offshore development centre in India (IDC)


Built to operate model generally is heard in the infrastructure industry, nowadays IT businesses are also constantly seeking innovative solutions to stay competitive and enhance their operations. Setting up or extending their existing team through development centre in India has emerged as a popular strategy for companies to leverage global talent, increase cost efficiency, and expand their reach. OnlyGeniuses.co.uk specializes in the Built to Operate (BTO) model. In this article, we will explore OnlyGeniuses BTO model and why it is shaping the future of offshoring for UK small and medium scale companies.

Let me explain you what is Built to Operate (BTO) Model in context of Offshoring service:

The Built to Operate model is a strategic approach to offshoring that focuses on creating a dedicated offshore development team that seamlessly integrates with the client’s existing operations. Unlike traditional outsourcing, where tasks are delegated to a third-party provider, the BTO model involves setting up a separate offshore unit that operates as an extension of the client’s organization , running it smoothly for the client till the time they are satisfied that they have a very stable team and then setting up our clients company in India and then transferring the resources to their own company.

Key Characteristics of the BTO Model:

  • Tailored to specific requirements for our UK Clients: The BTO model allows companies to customize their offshore team according to their specific needs and preferences. From technical expertise to cultural fit, every aspect can be carefully considered to ensure a seamless integration with the client’s existing operations. The stability of team can happen in one year or take three years depending on the client’s preference.
  • Complete control and collaboration: With the BTO model, companies retain full control over their offshore team, fostering a sense of ownership and accountability. The dedicated offshore unit becomes an integral part of the client’s organization, working closely with the onshore team to achieve shared goals and objectives. When you and your offshoring partner start association with clear and agreed model and understand the end goal of the association at (BTO) both parties are more confident on the deliverables.
  • Long-term partnership: The BTO model encourages long-term partnerships between the client and the OnlyGeniuses offshore team. This allows for continuity, knowledge retention, and the development of a deep understanding of the client’s business processes. The offshore team becomes an extension of the client’s organization, driving efficiency, innovation, and productivity and all the resources are on-boarded with clear expectation.

Benefits of the BTO Model:

  • Cost-efficiency: By setting up a dedicated offshore team, companies can significantly reduce costs associated with traditional outsourcing models. The BTO model eliminates intermediaries and allows for direct management and coordination, leading to cost savings without compromising quality.
  • Enhanced scalability: The BTO model provides scalability and flexibility to meet changing business needs. As the offshore team is built and operated to align with the client’s requirements, it can easily adapt to fluctuating workloads and project demands.
  • Access to global talent: Offshoring through the BTO model enables companies to tap into a vast pool of global talent. By leveraging the expertise and skills of professionals from different regions, organizations can benefit from diverse perspectives and specialized knowledge.
  • Improved operational efficiency: With the dedicated offshore team working closely with the onshore team, collaboration and communication become seamless. This results in improved operational efficiency, faster turnaround times, and streamlined workflows.
  • Risk mitigation: The BTO model offers a higher level of control and risk management compared to traditional outsourcing models. Companies can closely monitor and address any potential risks or concerns, ensuring compliance, data security, and intellectual property protection.


The Built to Operate (BTO) model by OnlyGeniuses represents a paradigm shift in offshoring, providing companies with a strategic and tailored approach to leverage global talent and enhance their operations. By establishing a dedicated offshore team that seamlessly integrates with the client’s organization, the BTO model offers numerous benefits, including cost-efficiency, scalability, access to global talent, and improved operational efficiency. As businesses continue to embrace offshoring, the BTO model is set to reshape the future of global operations and drive success in the increasingly interconnected world.

OnlyGeniuses has worked with several UK clients in the past on various targets set by our clients to set-up their development team on BTO model. Contact us here to know more

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