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Magnifying glass focused on map of India for offshore development center

Best model from UK clients to set-up offshore development centre in India (IDC)

Introduction: Built to operate model generally is heard in the infrastructure industry, nowadays IT businesses are also constantly seeking innovative solutions to stay competitive and enhance their operations. Setting up or extending their existing team through development centre in India has emerged as a popular strategy for companies to leverage global talent, increase cost efficiency, […]
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Image shows a hand held up with text overlaid listing 5 ways AI increases efficiency of Indian offshore development centers.

5 Ways AI can increase efficiency of your Indian Offshore Development Centre

Introduction Setting up your development team in India? Here are some ways AI is transforming offshoring work to India, making collaboration and productivity a breeze. Background on AI Growth The emergence of remote and hybrid working models has revolutionized the workplace, but it is not the sole disruptive force in the industry. The rapid adoption […]
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